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Emily (Em-ah-lee) n: a spaceman, that's what they say I am


I find the majority of my time is spent aimlessly writing in my Moleskine and enjoying the beauty of poetry, music, art, film, architecture and good company.

“For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love.” ― Carl Sagan

And this thought just came across…

When I first started college I was completely lost, I didn’t know who I was. I found solace in everyone else’s happiness which I foolishly thought would fill the gaping holes that hardly held me together.
I was dependent, all the while “thriving” on independence.
Academically I was great, just didn’t know what direction to go in.
Friend wise, I thought I was great, but lost a few due to a mixture of my unstable nature and their inability to adapt.

Fast forward to over a year after I was lost, and as the cliche goes, “I was found”.
More so, I found myself. I found myself through what I loved again. Through music, and good friends. Through counseling and countless attempts to better myself. 

I am now almost in my third year of college. I know exactly what I’m doing and where I’m going in life. I have a secure position as a research assistant for NASA. I dedicate endless hours to studying and give academics my all. I make time for myself. I read for myself. I have some close friends whom I hold dear and try and make time to see as often as possible. I laugh for myself. I laugh at myself. I’m in an extremely healthy relationship with a man who loves me for me, and is supportive and caring and never gives up. I’m extremely fortunate to have such a great relationship with my father, something I never would have imagined possible 5 years ago.

I’m happy. I’m not happy all the time. But that doesn’t mean I don’t try.

I’ve hit rock bottom after rock bottom too many times, and these last 6-10 months have proved to be worth all the bullshit that came from my first year of college.

Tumblr even used to be so much more important to me, but now it’s a last resort out of bordem thing…might as well delete it.

Maybe I will. This might bey farewell to Tumblr. We’ll see.

I just wanted to write this. For myself. Not for anyone else. It’s now 7:45am.


"Hey I’m full. do you want the rest of-"


The Safety Fire - Red Hatchet

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What a brilliant photoset.



He did it. He actually managed to describe how it feels to live with depression and suicidal tendencies.

this is really, really important


it’s late and i laughed way too hard


The Contortionist - Flourish


The Contortionist - Flourish